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Best Will Come To You

Best Will Come To You

Often we get disheartened at not getting what we desired for. The wise thing is to always ask for what is best for you from the Divine. You may always be asking for more money but there might be an unending dance of love and joy with a little less of money, waiting for you.

Life is much larger than our small cravings and aversion. There is an ocean for us to embrace, so why should we settle for a well or a pond. Have faith and belief that this life only the best is going to come to you.

On the Path of Liberation!

On the Path of Liberation!

This world as we see, is just a play,
Driven by hollow perceptions of the mind.
There is a wheel of emotions and feelings
That churns the heart of every individual.
The way out of this misery is,
To walk on the path of liberation.

It’s only a few fortunate ones
Who travel on the path of liberation.
Bounded by actions and desires
The rest are subjected to unending grief.
But the one who comes to this path
Sets himself free from this finite world.

He neither desires nor is he averse
To any objects in this world.
Be it sorrow or joy, happiness or remorse
He becomes indifferent to either of them.
Yet he performs his sacred duties
Remaining unattached to the fruits of the action.

There will come a thousand thorns
Yet they seem like a bed of roses to him.
He certainly will fall and crumble,
But never does he feel broken and fallen.
For he has crossed the ocean of duality, and
Remains established in the supreme state.

Love and peace have become his nature
Knowledge and wisdom his only companion,
Ever pure he lives in total equanimity.
He has no enemies nor any friends
For everyone and everything is his
On this path of liberation.

P.S. – Inspired by The Supreme Yoga – Yoga Vasishta.

How do you get over pain?

How do you get over pain?

Just realise that this is going to end, just like any other difficulty that was there in the past. Time is a big healer, it swings past the far extremes and brings forth the inevitable, the present. 

Besides just dwell on how could being engrossed in your pain do any good to you or others? Your life isn’t fair attitude can do nothing to make it good but it will only make it worse. Just drop it all and breath in and feel the joy in the air. A joy that does not cling to an object but is rooted in this very existence. Besides life is meant to be lived and not killed.

Wake up and bring a shift in your perspective. There is no end to pain but there is always a beginning to getting liberated from it. Fall in love with impermanance and embrace the perfect smile;)

The Answer of a Yogi

The Answer of a Yogi

Its been almost a year (One year,two months & 11 days precisely!) since I embraced Yoga. The journey since then has been surreal. There is an ocean of opportunities that seem to be within my reach, ever blowing winds of joy touching me and an abundance of blessings that keep showering love on me.

The journey from the outside has turned inward and the love that used to be confined has become my very nature. It has become difficult to get angry, feel depressed or feel disheartened for all these feelings have transcended to become bliss, that which remains unshakable come what may! Time seems to be working in accordance with me, efficient and reliant. It has become easier to accept the people as they are and have a greater understanding about what they feel. Giving has become my very nature, be it a box of sweets or a moment of joy, the moment feels totally incomplete if there is no one to share it with.

There is so much of change and yet it becomes difficult to answer the question people often ask- 

“What Change Has it Brought into Your life?”                                                    

There is so much to say and so much to show but everytime I answer this question I realise that it somehow always remains incomplete. For I am never able to explain the magnificent change it has brought into my life. For some it may seem to be a transformation, for some it may just seem to be a transition but to me it is transcendence. Oneness of this whole creation has now become a perceived reality, that which is absolute and truth. The love for the supreme has been discovered with an unmatched exuberance. It is difficult to explain in words completely, for words are not enough to do justice to it.

So the next time someone has this question, I would can only simply say –

“I can make you an offer that you can never refuse.” 

And the offer is – 

” You can give all your problems and sorrow to me and I promise to share all my love and all my joy with you.” 😊

Rainbow or the Sun ?

Rainbow or the Sun ?

Have you ever got drenched in the rain? How does it feel? Those puddles on the roads, the rain drops falling from the sky, on your cheeks and bringing a sense of contentment and calmness. No matter what state of mind you were in just a while ago, you are elevated to a surreal state that is somewhat unfathomable for you to contemplate. Your heart fills up with gratitude and you marvel at the nature’s wonderful play.

The rains, especially the first of the season fill up each and every corner of your heart with love. But what if there is something even better that is waiting for you after the rain? Yes, the rainbow! That colossal arc right across the sky, composed of seven vibrant colours. It brings the beauty of the nature to the foray. If the serenity wasn’t enough the tranquility accompanies the rainbow and demands appeasement, which is too difficult to be ignored for anyone.

But have you ever tried to dwell on how a rainbow rises or what is the source of it. Rainbow is a simple reflection of light in water drops. The sun is the source and yet the rainbow becomes the element of our celebration. Be it summer, winter or autumn the sun spreads its rays throughout the expanse nature. It is very analogous to our lives. We desire so much of vibrancy and sadly try to derive so much of contentment from them that in the end we fail to understand the source of our very own existence.

Love, fear, jealousy, gratefulness, joy, worry, lust and others are the rainbows of our lives. They come and bring along a plethora of variety into our lives. But just like the rainbow they are elements which are in the nature of momentary existence. They do not last for long and the reason for the same is that they are simply not supposed to. Just think about it, if a person is always happy wouldn’t that bring a sense of mundane in his life and to others around him, who would gradually start hating him for his forever happy nature. But think about the one that is behind it all, your self. You are the one who has always been experiencing all these emotions and feelings and giving them them the place that they have got. The source of all the joy and misery in your lives is you, yourself! Sounds strange right? Just like the sun which shines eternally you have always been the one experiencing all of it. This has been the way since the very time you came on this planet and it will be the way, till the time you breath your last.

So why is it that we love the rainbow more than the sun? Simply, because our mind has become tuned to the habit of seeing the big in the small and ignoring the big in the biggest of all. Just sit for a moment and think, how much time do you spend with your parents? They are your source but you are running after your friends, career and celebration, the rainbow. But the former is always going to be by your side, no matter what. So stop running and just sit and relax. Your celebration is in understanding the permanence of the subtle and the impermanence of the materials. The difficulties that have come in your lives in the past, have come and just gone past by right? Similarly the ones that are there presently there will also not last long and will just disintegrate in a while. Next time when you are sad or in a challenging situation just see that element as a rainbow and yourself as the sun. The rainbow is bound to disappear but you are going to be the constant one!

Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

The earth revolves around the sun at a speed that is unfathomable. It also rotates at a high speed and yet amidst all of it, all the things down on earth are kept afixed, keeping the centre of gravity intact. No matter how much it rains through the day, or the number of sunburns that are recorded, neither does it matter whether it has stormed during the day or thundered during the night. The nights and days keep coming one after the other without a break,depicting the two great opposites that have been put into place. The leaves fall down on the ground and yet they make a spectacle so beautiful that it blossoms an expanse of love in our hearts. The birds chirping at the break of the dawn and the sun rays sneaking pass our doors and windows, makes the sleep and tiredness escape. The dead and laziness of the night gets submerged into the freshness and enthusiasm of the morning, a perfectly set play of the nature.

There is so much of vibrancy and tranquility in the natures’ play and yet being the most advanced of species, we get lost amongst the desires, cravings and the diversions that we illogically have seemed to create. We don’t remain centred and indulge in things that have no meaning which later on become a source of our very own misery. There seems to be so much of aversions to us against the play and we let ourselves get sinked into a solidarity of mankinds’ weird ways. We let the things of past haunt our present and foolishly dislodge our happiness and contentment that is just a stone’s throw away. Our sorrow and sacredness seems to be an out of this world theory to sooth our ego – “Why did it happened to me.” We seemed to be caught up in things to small to remain relevant with the passage of time and yet devote much of our time to it.

The things that have happened, are happening and which are going to happen have are beyond our control, much like the nature that swings it’s magical wand. The need to be is bring about a shift in our perceptivity and awareness. Perceiving the good and bad that exists and being aware that both lend meaning to the other. Standing at a window during a day and spooking outside the busy street to look at the trees and the cars honking past by is a dull sight to see after all, but a shift in perceiving them differently with a well defined awareness will make it seem a soothing sight after all. The trees lend shade and shelter to a variety of creatures, the passing cars resembles the events that we have gone through which now remain relevant and lost to our consciousness. Amidst the wide expanse of sight you see the only thing to matter is the witness residing right inside you. Day or night, bright or light, you are the one who witnesses it all throughout. Don’t get too caught up in the extremes of happiness or sorrow, just be centred and observe the great play and fall in line with the flow. Just as the ocean seems calm but yet the violent waves originate right from it, the same way the at times blissful and simple life seems to toss it all around. Be one with the ocean and not the emotion. You are a part of the vastness that brings joy and life into this life. Your place is beyond the perils that seems to rule the better of you. Let the sea of natures mirth get prominence over your inferior cravings. Let go of the sorrow and get hold of the celebration for the events of life are beyond your control but the mind that perceives it differently is yours to choose.

The One Who Dreams To Turn The World (:

The One Who Dreams To Turn The World (:

Words fall short to describe the greatness with which Sri Sri has transformed our lives. Be it relationships, business, sports or personal issues, his techniques – Sudarshan Kriya, Meditations and Yoga – have brought so much reverence and perseverance in all the aspects of our lives. The never fading smile and joy that radiates from him is such a happy thing to be a witness of.

Be it conflict hit zones, the poor and needy or bringing the opposing parties to the dialogue table, he has made it his mission to foster peace and love for one divinity. Though there must have been much more needy people around the world, he never ignored people like me and you who have all the things that they need in life to live but had the craving and need for something. Something that is way more subtle and than the materialistic things that surrounds us – ‘ Happiness. ‘

Making life a celebration, accepting everything as it us, giving as much as we can to make lives better off are what he has been living and giving – to make even others have a better and a blissful living. Those reading this might be thrown off guard or be amazed that how can such comfort and soothing be reality, a reality that doesn’t fade away and is constant. From an ardent critic to and ardent follower and believer, I have been at the both the ends and what I feel that even the most harshest of critics of Sri Sri are blessed to have known him while he has walked this earth.


The Guru’s Grace 😇

The Guru’s Grace 😇

It is the day that marks the new year for a spiritual seeker. It is celebrated by acknowledging the Guru for the blessings he has bestowed upon us and renewing ones commitment towards being a sincere seeker and spreading the divine knowledge. It is also the day when a seeker becomes full and becomes contended, for he gets the chance to rain praises on his Guru on Guru Purnima Day, the only day when the Guru doesn’t shy away from accepting them. It is the day to express gratefulness to the master for bringing everything that you have with you,rightfully to you. Completing your desires and fulfilling your inner self. The praises would be innumerable for there is no devotee who can express the gratitude that his master has bestowed upon him,for the Guru not only gives what you ask of him but goes a step ahead by giving you the best you could get.

This Guru Purnima I would like to express my gratefulness and love to my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for bringing the divine knowledge upon me. Before coming onto his path of spirituality,I had been an ardent critic of his fancy ways. Even then he opened the gates for me, to walk into his abode. Ever since then there has been no sorrow and guilt for he is the one who has made me realise to grow above these perils. The sceptical mindset has transformed into divine love and faith owing to the personal experiences that have made me live and realise about his great faith. A faith that has brought miracles upon us, miracles that has transformed our lives, a transformation that has made us believe in giving without expecting anything in return. The knowledge that he has showered has made me grow immensely. I am unaffected by the penny occurrences, I don’t let them take the good of me for they are of impermanent nature, destined to fade away exactly the way it had come in. He has made me realise that the Guru,the Divine and the Self are not different but are a subset of the great grand consciousness. He held my hand when I most needed it and pulled me up from the living dead to become the ever living blissful being.

The world knows him as a Spiritual Leader, a Humanitarian but to me he is much greater. I have walked next to him, sat in front of him and heard him in the most serene setting. Though the time spent with him has been brief the knowledge gained cannot be even equatted to an infinite exponential. He brings wisdom with him that makes you marvel at how good can he get. He invests so much time on us that it makes you wonder that does he even get some time to rest. like a mother watching a baby throughout the day, he keeps a tab on us all the time round.
His eyes have got the spark that makes you elated, his voice has got that gentle touch that makes your anger go dessimated. You could find problems on anything that you see around but then you would find Sri Sri, the most perfect of being. He has the innocence of six month year old child and a maturity of the age old scriptures – the only example of an expanse of balance.

He can turn tears into laughter, criminals into drivers of social change and a common man as simple as me and you into a walking Guru. Yes! He doesn’t shy away from passing on his powers and knowledge all around for I see a glimpse of him in all the people who have come under his grace. Sitting here in my home, his presence feels not in the body he is in but within. He is too divine a being to be associated to an object or an entity for he is omnipresent, spreading knowledge and love with an unmatched perseverance. Though he is the master he plays the job of the caretaker. Keeping track of all the details and removing obstacles from our lives without much delay. You ask and you get, even if you don’t ask you still are assured to get. Such is unique play of my Gurudev. On this auspicious day I don’t ask for anything but the continuous flow of wisdom and knowledge from him to me and the strength to be able to spread this ancient knowledge to the remotest corners of the world.

Thank You My Master (:

– A Sincere Seeker

Discovering When Not In Search.

I was on my way to an usual Thursday Satsang evening at our Metropolitan Art of Living Centre, where people from all over the city would come to attend the divine musical evening. There was a very unusual thing that I noticed upon reaching the centre. The lights were off and the sound of musical instruments seemed way to blur but the taking place of the Satsang was evident from the shrill lyrics of the bhajans that I could here. Upon entering it dawned on me that there were no musicians and it was just our singer, Suryom who had come to perform. This made me recall the thoughts I had an hour ago on my way here. I had reflected upon the thought of not to going to the Satsang while I was waiting for at the bus stand in Salt Lake, the reason was that it was already 7 pm and the Satsang would strictly start at 6:30 pm irrespective of the number of attendees. This thought was only expanded when I saw that there were no musical instruments (guitar, tabla), totally contrary to my expectations. But as sages say when you are on a spiritual path just have faith and what you get will be only oneness with the divine and that is what I experienced in the true sense.  I had entered somewhat disheartened but when I left, I left with an enlightened Self. It felt like I had evolved, an evolution that brought gratefulness and awareness along with compassion to the whole existence. What I wanted to take was certainly not there but what I got was certainly beyond something which I could have ever asked for.

Disciplined as always in my spiritual practices I entered the room and sat down.  A few greetings to my friends on the left and the right and then I sat down in the Yogic posture and made efforts to sink into the ambiance. Satsang is the sitting together in a group and being with truth in presence of a guru and the spiritual students. The singer sings a few lines and we repeat. The energy that resonates is quintessential. There were no musical instruments but there was the divine ambiance. The dim lights brought awareness and calmness while the company of the singing mates brought completeness and contentment. Throughout the Satsang I kept my eyes closed and tried to give my hundred per cent. Trying to sing each word with devotion and perseverance. When in between sometimes I would open my eyes to see the people around it would bring elevation in being by seeing them in such exuberance. Meditation, singing, learning and discovering the inner depths all were being experienced in a heightened level of consciousness. It made me disconnected from the outside world and for a moment it felt like there was no one around and I was One with the Voice. Cut to the end our teacher, Divyabandhu, who had taught this art of meditation to us, asked us to share today’s experience of the Satsang. All of us felt elevated and rejuvenated and when he asked why was it that today was so different that we felt this all of us presented our views but that could not summarise what he had been looking for. He explained that it was only because of our perseverance that we felt what we did today. It dint matter what the situation or expectations was, what mattered was our devotion to the present moment. Our perseverance turned it into a celebration what would have been sorrow otherwise.

The thing that facilitated the feeling of elevation was not the Satsang but what we did after that. Divyabandhu asked us to do something unique and somewhat absurd. He asked us to sit in a circle and introduce ourselves. Now this seemed unique because we had never done this before and absurd because most of us knew each other. But the conclusion from this session was heightening. All of us defined what we were doing and how we were planning to shape our future. This brought to the realization of each one of us that how well excelling were we all. One was the only Craniosacral Therapist (CST) in the state, other was a doctor whose patients felt that they were not patients but an extended family. Another was a marine engineer who was on his six month vacation but was doing everything but vacationing – running a school for children of the watchmen, teaching meditation and yoga to the people of the slums. Another was being adored by all. Gyaanachaya had been facilitating sessions across the schools of the city to fill the vacuum that children felt for having conversations that they could not have with their teacher or their parents. It was during this that Divyabandhu brought a great point to the audience in appreciation of her hard work – “It is not the organization that defines you but you that defines the organization.” This made me realize the ultimate truth – how I behave and interact does not only define me but also the organization that I come from. There was another one,Udayajharna, the one who had brought most of us into this path,including me. Whatever we might do, however high we may excel, there would never be a moment when we wouldn’t feel indebted to this man – for identifying and harboring the skills that we have today. It was a teenage child, a class 9 student who stole the show. Her simplicity and innocence made us marvel at how we were. She simply without any effort or with an intention to leave an impression presented to us what she loved – ‘Studying and Singing.’ She was the one who spoke the least but made the most impact. It was this that made us marvel at how manipulative we had become as we had grown. What to say or with how much elegance and confidence was not her concern. All that mattered to her was rejoicing in her very own being. Something we all used to do as a child- carefree but had somehow suppressed due to our dominating egoistic nature. It was so good to see such stalwarts all around us,each fairing in the brightest way possible. ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ – as our GURUDEV, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji calls us all. All of us were excelling in our fields and more than the excellence it was the happiness that had become our very own nature and more than the happiness it was the commitment and perseverance to spread this to all that was the realization that we were taking.